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Inside an Art Collector's Home

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Every time an artist creates a piece of art, we pour a huge part of ourselves into it, so its hardly surprising that we often wonder where our work ends up after it’s sold and how it looks in its new home. So when I was offered the opportunity to re-visit some of my works in a long-term client’s home, I jumped at the chance. Over the course of ten years, my buyer had been commissioning and collecting my paintings and now exhibits almost as many of my landscape paintings and abstract works as I have in my own home.

My client’s house alone is a piece of art of it’s own making. A beautiful, Georgian town house, nestled in a prime spot on the edge of stunning Bath. A huge sweeping drive and a grand entrance hall. A perfect home made even more perfect with some original fine art paintings … but of course I would say that!

Storm over Avebury

On entering the hall, I immediately spotted “Storm over Avebury” – a large, dark and moody landscape I’d painted some years back. In a small room, this particular painting would’ve been overbearing but in the large hall, surrounded by plenty of white wall space, this made the perfect entrance piece. The dark looming clouds with breaking sunlight highlighting select snippets of the land below gave the entrance hall immediate atmosphere and was the perfect talking piece for guests.  On the staircase below a contrast in seasons, two small paintings of the hot summer months. These works depict the descent down steep Cornish coastal paths, through the deep orange Bulbine flowers towards the deep turquoise sea. You can almost spell the scent of heather and salt water.


In the contemporary kitchen diner, I discovered two large abstract commissions. Both painted on a grey blue backdrop, these works were made for colour lovers. An array of highlighted pink, yellow and orange cloud like shapes dance around in the foreground like an aurora. One of the paintings was displayed above a beautiful Spanish painted dresser and (very accidentally) picked out the colours of the finely painted flowers on the piece of bespoke furniture. The works looked like they were made for the spot (which of course to some degree, they were).


Then turning to my right, through an archway I spotted “Pensativo”, a large mixed media painting that holds special significance to me. This was one of my early abstract expressionist paintings and transformed the way I approached painting ever since. A dark background with floating shapes standing out like moments of creative clarity. This work was inspired by music compositions and is a reflex, visual response to sound. The work is displayed in a contemporary sitting room and the spacious white walls made the perfect spot for this particular piece to be mused upon.

I was genuinely pleased to have a chance to see my works so thoughtfully displayed by the owners and left feeling with a renewed sense of pride in my work.

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