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Jo Thorne

Jo Thorne is a British contemporary painter working from her studio at her home in Somerset. She graduated with a degree in Fine Art from University of Hertfordshire in 1998 and after having children worked in various different fields whilst practising art as a side line. She has recently returned to working full time as an artist. Jo describes her paintings as visual narratives that aim to explore nature, the built environment and our connection with it.

"What are the things in our collective unconscious that can trigger an emotional response? Colour, texture and mark making can heighten the mood, but the content has to be meaningful in some way. My goal is not to just paint scenic landscapes, I want my paintings to embrace symbolic signals that tell a story. So maybe it’s things that you might otherwise overlook - like a scraggy tree to the left of the canvas, a house nestled in amongst a copse of trees, or a telegraph pole catching the light and framing the composition.

I want my work to evoke a nostalgic feeling in the viewer that this is somewhere they might've been before, or a feeling they've experienced. My aim is to leave observers thinking about the story behind the work. Where does that road go? What did the blossom smell like when it started to bloom? 

If I don’t feel my painting is speaking the language of universal connection through symbolism, I end up painting over it!


BUY ART - All works on this site are for sale - click on the image to see if your selected painting is available

BUY FINE ART PRINTS - Most of my art works are available signed, mounted or framed prints. Professionally printed on Fine Art Paper or Museum quality paper, prints come in a range of sizes with the smallest ones starting at just £20.


 COMMISSIONS - You can commission me to paint you a bespoke painting. I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your requirements and can give advice on paintings to suit your interior design needs. A 50% deposit is required before commencing work.


Abstract Still Life

About Jo

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